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Recycled Fashion from Stay Vocal

Recycled Fashion From Stay Vocal I felt an instant kinship with Stay Vocal founder Alex Eaves. Both of us began our careers in the music business (Alex as a street promotions and merch rep for bands such as 311 and Anti-Flag, me as both a performer and

WeWOOD Wooden Watches

WeWOOD Wooden Watches   I’m not normally much of a materialist, but I have to confess I’ve been coveting the gorgeous line of wooden watches from WeWOOD for quite some time now.   I’ve always loved the look of natural woods– my house is filled with hand-carved

Waliwa Amazonian Skin Care: Eco Friendly Beauty Products

Waliwa Amazonian Skin Care Eco-Friendly Beauty Products   It’s not like going green happens overnight: It starts with one baby step, then another, until you find yourself gradually making adjustments in every aspect of your life. A few years ago we didn’t even consider where our skin