Recycled Fashion from Stay Vocal

Stay Vocal T-shirts & Bags

Stay Vocal T-shirts & Bags

Recycled Fashion From Stay Vocal

I felt an instant kinship with Stay Vocal founder Alex Eaves. Both of us began our careers in the music business (Alex as a street promotions and merch rep for bands such as 311 and Anti-Flag, me as both a performer and music journalist), and both of us eventually started companies driven by our desire to have a positive effect on the environment.

Like a lot of kids raised on rock ‘n’ roll, Eaves loved collecting t-shirts. But as he got older, he began to wonder about the effect the manufacture, production and shipping of those shirts had on the planet. Though initially started as a skateboard company, Stay Vocal eventually began to evolve into something more important, founded upon a simple, one-word principle: REUSE.


Recycled Fashion stay vocal t shirts

Stay Vocal T shirts


“It’s disgusting how many new products are made each year,” he says, “from toys and clothes to electronics and cars. People really seem to love the idea of ‘new.’ But what happens when you wash a shirt for the first time, or drive a car off the lot, or tear the wrapping off a CD? That item is now officially used. Why not skip a step and look for a pre-owned alternative first? Not only are you helping the environment in the long run by conserving energy, you’re also saving money. And with thrift shops, Craigslist,, it’s easy to find a reuse version of almost anything.”


And that’s precisely what Eaves did: He scoured thrift stores and called manufacturers for bargain bin T-shirts and rejects, upon which he could print eco-conscious themes and messages such as the “Patch The Planet With A Little Love” T-Shirt and (my personal favorite) the “REUSE” Cereal Spill T-Shirt, which comes packaged in a used cereal box with an actual prize, from CDs, DVDs, plush toys and band merchandise to handkerchiefs, jewelry and even dog collars.

Stay Vocal Equali-tee


In some cases he prints his images directly onto the shirts, but in others he sews a patch on to cover pre-existing artwork. All of the company’s products– including t-shirts, bags, jewelry and posters– provide an opportunity to stay vocal and stay fashionable while speaking out on behalf of the environmental causes we believe in.


But Stay Vocal’s reusing ethos doesn’t stop with the shirts that they sell. Orders are printed on the back of recycled paper and shipped in used packaging, with labels printed on scrap paper. Even their business cards are printed on used t-shirts and then cut out. Kudos to Alex Eaves for making environmental consciousness and recycled fashion cool.  –Bret Love


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