Waliwa Amazonian Skin Care: Eco Friendly Beauty Products

Waliwa Amazonian Skin Care

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products


It’s not like going green happens overnight: It starts with one baby step, then another, until you find yourself gradually making adjustments in every aspect of your life. A few years ago we didn’t even consider where our skin care products came from, who made them, or what eco friendly beauty products were available. Now we find ourselves reading product labels, trying to make the best choices for both our pocketbooks and our planet.


To that end, we love the organic skin-care products from Waliwa, which uses environmentally sustainable ingredients sourced from the Colombian Amazon rainforest. Founded by Martha Neira and Myriam Moya (both pharmacists and elected members of the Colombian Association of Skin Care Science & Technology), the line does not test on animals, contains no artificial fragrances, colors or animal fats and is completely biodegradable.

Waliwa Eco Friendly Beauty Products

Neira and Moya spent considerable time in the Amazon rainforest of Colombia, building strong relationships with local indigenous communities such as the Uitotos. It was that connection that granted them access to their main ingredient, the Amazon Peach Palm, which produces “super fruits” packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. The oil extracted from this fruit has exceptional penetrating power, enabling its antioxidant, anti-aging and regenerative nutrients to reach the deepest skin layers.


The Waliwa line’s products (including lip balm, daily facial moisturizer, body lotion and night renewal cream) are crafted following the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization principles of eco-sustainable bio-commerce, meaning they’re good for your skin and for the environment. No wonder the line has become one of Mary’s favorite things!  –Bret Love


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